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Touchpoint gets into a new Country with Fiamma Scaratta® pizzas

Fiamma Scarlatta® brand was created to offer only fresh pizzas with selected ingredients of the highest quality, packaged in a modified atmosphere and with a 30-day shelf life. “It is a new formula for us but we have high expectations” explains project manager Peter Selim Maccaferri.

Fresh pizzas with selected ingredients

The concept was born in Parma in 2019 from an idea of Touchpoint, materialising and expanding abroad. The idea of Fiamma Scarlatta® was born from the request of an important French large-scale retail chain to find an Italian producer of quality and handmade pizzas, to be sold in refrigerated counters. 

“To satisfy the request – continues Maccaferri – we involved a company that produces pizza doughts, Pizza Sprint from Lodi (Italy), and we developed this new concept”. 

Pizza Sprint was born in Casalpusterlengo (Lodi Province, Italy) in 1992, as a take-away pizzeria for round and pan pizza, from an idea of the Spizzi family. During the following years new stores opened, due to the increase in the amount of work.

More and more customers get satisfied by the quality of the products, the seriousness and commitment of the Company, headed by Francesco Spizzi.

Pizza Sprint, in order to meet the new production needs, in 2000 decided to create a new and larger workshop for the artisanal production of pizza dough, located in Castiglione D’Adda (LO).

The mission is still the same: to satisfy customers’ needs by creating a truly genuine product, rigorously handcrafted by those who made an art out of their passion.

Despite the strong Company’s growth, the pizza bases keep being rigorously handcrafted. Thanks to all these characteristics, the partnership with Pizza Sprint was successful.


The innovation, the quality (stone-ground flour, 24 hours of maturation, no preservatives, only manual processing) and the ease of use (they can be stored in the fridge and cooked in 5 minutes) of Fiamma Scarlatta® pizzas immediately hit the mark, keeping a premium positioning with a higher price than competitors.

After the conquest of the French market and Slovenian large-scale distribution, in the supermarket chain Poslovni Sistem Merkator d.d, in 2021 Fiamma Scarlatta® reached Sweden with a new business model, the pizzas are cooked in Made in Italy ovens supplied to ghost kitchen by Foodora and delivered directly to people’s houses ready to taste

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