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Cibus 2022 return to pre-pandemic level

Cibus in Parma is known in Italy as one of the most important International agri-food fairs, this event can enclose all the products from both local and foreign suppliers in a unique exhibition space. The fair, which has a duration of 4 days, represents an excellent showcase for the small and medium producers and, at the same time, a reconfirmation for the big brands that already have a well-known name in the agri-food market. 

This 21st edition, opened the 3th of May with Stefano Patuanelli, Minister of Agricultural Policies, Food and Forestry and Manilo Di Stefano, State Secretary at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation, it is perceived as a stepping stone after the past two years, characterized by the restrictions due to the pandemic.

Why is Cibus so important for Touchpoint?

First of all Cibus and Touchpoint have a lot of similarities, after their passion for food, they are geographical linked, both of them born and bred in Parma. From the first editions, Touchpoint has participated at this annual event with the aim to keep up with the times, knowing new suppliers and reinforcing its contacts

“During the fair everything happens more naturally, without any forcing, the networking is stimulating and there are numerous opportunities to have constructive exchanges with other players at Cibus ” admits Touchpoint’s team. “We always live Cibus with serenity and lightheartedness, without forgetting the desire to learn new things, or to discover sought-after products, improving is in fact a mantra for Touchpoint”.

This year Touchpoint organized again DOPOCIBUS, previously blocked due to Covid, an event that lasted 3 evenings, which was held at our Food Lounge – next to our offices – where all our collaborators who were in Parma for Cibus were invited. Chef Licia Cagnoni and her staff were involved in the event, who conceived and created all the dishes on the menu proposed for dinner, using products from the Touchpoint portfolio.

During the fair we had the opportunity to see our partner (suppliers and distributors) again, it was a pleasant experience not just for Touchpoint members but also for all the other guests, that they were able to enjoy a relaxing corner without giving up the possibility of increasing their networks of contacts.

Themes that made this edition memorabile

One of the very important themes for Cibus 2022 is on food waste. The data  (Ipsos) attest that, while in the 2020, at the beginning of the pandemic, the percentage of food waste had declined drastically,in the next year, in the 2021, the values per family had risen near the results before the arrival of Covid-19. 

To cope with this status and, in addition, the situation of the increase in the prices of raw materials that will change in the coming months due to the relationship between Russia and Ukraine, Cibus wants, in this 21st edition, to raise awareness consumers about food waste. 

This ideology fits perfectly with a second theme of Cibus 2022: the eco-sustainability of food products. In this case the attention is not just on raw materials but also on the additional elements, such as wrapping and packaging material for agri-food products. Regarding the latter, that causes planet pollution, was proposed to modify in order to have less impact on the ecosystem and make them sustainable material.

There are a lot of strengths regarding Cibus 22 that we can summarize with a few words: comparison, experimentation, analysis, attention, eco-sustainability. 

Came back at Cibus and organized DOPOCIBUS event, has represent for Touchpoint a return to normality, because comparison and exchange of ideas are essentials for our job.