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The pizza bases are the revelation product of 2022. The Touchpoint case

Time to take stock for Touchpoint which in 2022 has seen an exponential growth in the export of pizza bases. It is with this product that we open a dedicated sector regarding the successes of our business, that will analyze a different case history in each article. This is the turn of our flagship product: the pizza bases. 

The success of a product lies above all in the quality of the raw materials used and in their processing method. For pizza bases the selection of the ingredients and the quality controls are the first steps to analyze. Also, the leavening and cooking phases are crucial, because they assure that the product is ready for being packed in a special protective atmosphere that helps preserve the same quality during all the transport phases. 

With this innovative protection system which creates a modified atmosphere that allows to keep the pizzas as good as freshly made, without the need to freeze them.

Taking into analysis the same period of time relative to two different years, the year 2021 and the 2022, it is possible to notice a remarkable rise in the sales of pizza bases. The international market records a huge increase, making the pizza bases one of the most appreciated Made in Italy products worldwide. 

The boom in sales, on average +77%, derives precisely from the authenticity that this product transmits. All the pizza bases are packaged in transparent wrapper that allows the buyers to verify the freshness of the dough inside. What is sold to the consumer isn’t just a product, but a real Italian experience. The consumer is called to garnish the pizza with their favorite ingredients and to cook it in the oven for a few minutes, as is made in pizzeria. 

This preparation method, that actively involves the consumer, makes the pizza base looking more handcrafted due to their versatility, a peculiarity that no other pre-cooked product would be able to guarantee. Also, the possibility of enriching these bases with fresh ingredients, adds more value to the product itself, where each individual consumer can choose according to their tastes the best pairings.