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The touchpoint customer portfolio now includes more than 50 Italian agri-food companies. Here are some of our suppliers:

  • Caseificio Villa
  • Caseificio Defendi
  • Galli
  • Pizza Sprint
  • Podere dei Leoni
  • Corniano
  • BM gastronomia

Do you want to sell your products abroad?

Quality is the essential starting point: tell us about your product and its history, explaining to us how it enriches our table every day. Introduce us your collaborators, too! Getting to know us is the very first step to understand our “touchpoint” and teaming up.

Your application will be carefully evaluated by the Touchpoint team which, eventually, will ask you for a price list and samples. At this point, after a comparison on your sales objectives according to the release market, we’ll understand whether to proceed with the presentation of your product to the sales force and, finally, to the large-scale distribution!


Some of our distribution partner

  • Galileo: Belgium, France e Luxembourg
  • Fontana Food AB Company: Sweden
  • Mercator D.D: Slovenia
  • Abbey Specialty Food: U.S.A.

Do you want to sell the best Italian gastronomic excellences?

Contact us: based on the product of interest, Touchpoint searches for and activates a network of potential partners to collaborate with over time or on the occasion of specific sales projects.

Via Paradigna 38/A
43122, Parma (PR)
0521 1680880