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Buffalo Camembert, a revolution for the palate

A valid variant of the classic French Camembert with soft texture, the Buffalo Camembert is an Italian revisitation about the famous flowery rind cheese product in Normandy. Visually this product looks almost identical to the original, at least externally, because of the same mantle that covers it. What that changes is the interior, which proposes a new flavor thanks to the use of buffalo milk instead of the cow’s milk present in the classic recipe. 

The result is different from the original Camembert, while the latter is characterized by a pungent flavor and strong taste, the buffalo one is more delicate but at the same time has a lasting flavor.

camembert_tagliere (1)

The soft heart is the result of a short seasoning, from 15 to 20 days, as is short the average, which is around 3 months. The creamy paste enclosed inside makes the Buffalo Camembert the ideal product for various recipes, but for the most refined palates it is recommended to consume it as an aperitif with a glass of white wine, with a delicate or sparkling flavor.

The Buffalo Camembert, even if it has firm roots in our country, has aroused a collective interest also abroad, even in the homeland of the product from which it is inspired. In fact, it is one of the dairy products distributed by Touchpoint that has received the most demand from the market, second only to buffalo mozzarella which once again confirms itself as a cornerstone of Italian tradition. 

To support this milestone there are the numbers of sales that during a few months have recorded an increase of 3.400%, most of all due to Buffalo Camembert with pistachio that, compared to the same period of the previous year, has increased the orders ten times more.

Camembert di bufala al pistacchio

At the second place there is the simple Buffalo Camembert, without the addition of other ingredients, that ends the summer with a +167%, at least the Buffalo Camembert with truffle that has recorded a slight decrease in sales in 2022.